Sir-fried vegetables

Served with lemon 220/30 g

45 lei

Grilled Vegetables

Dovlecel, vînătă, ardei dulce, ciuperci, roșii cherry 225 g

45 lei

Vegetables in cream sauce

vegetables in cream sauce 300g

45 lei

Potatoes with mushrooms

Fried potatoes with mushrooms, served with pickles 190/30 g

38 lei

Rice with vegetables

Rice, carrots, onions, corn, raisins, sweet pepper, and sunflower oil 210 g

35 lei

Potato puffs

potato puffs with sauce of choice 110/30 g

25 lei

Potato Fries

Fries with sauce of your choice ...

23 lei

Potato wedges

Potato wedges with sauce of your choice ...

23 lei

Chicken nuggets with potato puffs

Chicken nuggets with fried potato puffs and sauce of your choice 160/110/30 g

70 lei

Patata trio

Potato fries, wedges, and puffs with sauce of choice 110/110/110/60 g

65 lei

Mashed Potatoes

with "Parmigiano" cheese 200g

28 lei