Omelette with ham

Eggs, onion, ham, tomato and cucumber salad with Feta cheese 200/135 g

55 lei

Omelette with vegetables

Eggs, onion, sweet peppers, mushrooms, tomato and cucumber salad with Feta cheese ...

55 lei

Chicken fillet and bacon sandwich

Toast, chicken filet, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce leaves, Caesar sauce 150 g

33 lei

Pork and beef burger

Beef, pork, mustard sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, pickles, red onions. Served with potat...

78 lei

Chicken burger

Chicken, Caesar dressing, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, cucumbers, onions; 210 g

78 lei

Sweet cheese doughnut

Deep-fried sweet cheese doughnut with sour-cream or a topping of your cho...

38 lei

Crepes with cheese filling

crepes with sweet cheese, raisins, and sour cream 190/30 g

38 lei


Choices: rice or oatmeal with milk or water, served with toast and butter ...

28 lei