We offer you a new service – delivery of our most delicious pizzas and other fine dishes straight to your home!!!

  1. Choose your favorite dishes on our site:
  2. Call one of these numbers: 022 009 009 or 068 009 099
  3. Tell us your order.
  4. And in the appointed time your order will be delivered to the predetermined place

Bon Appetit!!!

For orders less than 200 lei, the delivery cost within city limits is 30 lei, for orders over 200 lei – the delivery is free.
For directions: Dumbrava, Durlesti, Codru, Airport, Bubueci, Сolonita, Tohatin, Stauceni, Gratiesti, Vatra apply in addition to the sum of delivery in match of 50 lei.
Delivery Hours – 24/7

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Administrator Iurie Roșca