Tiger shrimp skewers

grilled with Asian-style sauteed vegetables and lemon 180/150/30

198 lei

Salmon fillets

grilled, mix of lettuce leaves, pesto sauce, lemon

185 lei


grilled with sauteed vegetables and lemon 300/150/30 (price according to the weight of the fi...

175 lei

Antricot de vită

Grilled beef entrecote with fresh vegetable salad, sos BBQ 200/150/30 g

165 lei

Ceafă de porc

Grilled pork neck with fresh vegetables, barbecue sauce 200/150/30 g

145 lei

Chicken steak

grilled, salad leaf mix with sauteed vegetables, sauce of your choice 150/110/30...

98 lei

Steak din carne de porc

Grilled pork steak, mix of lettuce leaves with fresh vegetables, sos barbecue

98 lei

Frigărui din carne de porc

Pork skewers with fresh vegetable salad, marinated onions, pickled cucumber, BBQ sauce 150...

98 lei

Chicken skewers

Chicken skewers with fresh vegetable salad, marinated onions, sauce of your choice 1...

98 lei


grilled with baked vegetables and lemon 350/170/30 (price according to the weight of the ...

98 lei

Piept de porc

Pork breast with assorted pickles, BBQ sauce 200/100/80/20/30 g

95 lei

Tocană din carne de porc cu mămăligă

Pork stew with polenta.Serve with sheep's cheese, sour cream 150/200/30/30 g

95 lei

Spicy Chicken Wings

Fried chicken wings glazed in spicy sauce, crutons with garlic 250/100

80 lei

Mici la grătar

pork and beef mititei with cabbage salad, salted cucumbers, sauce of your choice 150/100/30/...

78 lei