grilled, arugula, lemon and sweet chilli sauce 180/150/30 g

200 lei

Salmon fillets

grilled, mix of lettuce leaves, pesto sauce, lemon

195 lei

Beef steak

Beef steak with mixed salad, cherry tomatoes, BBQ sauce 200/80/30 g

190 lei


with mix of salad leaves, cherry tomatoes, lemon, pesto sauce 300/150/30 g (price according ...

185 lei

pork ribs

sous vide, stewed cabbage and garlic potatoes, BBQ sauce and honey mustard sauce 450/100/100/...

170 lei

Grilled pork neck

Grilled pork neck, potatoes with garlic, barbecue sauce 200/150/30 g

155 lei

Pork stew

with polenta.Serve with sheep's cheese, sour cream 150/200/30/30 g

115 lei


Pork skewers, potatoes with garlic, BBQ sauce 150/100/30/30/30 g

110 lei

Chicken skewers

Chicken skewers with fresh vegetable salad, marinated onions, sauce of your choice ...

105 lei


grilled with baked vegetables and lemon 350/170/30 (price according to the weight of the ...

105 lei

Chicken steak

from chicken meat, potato chips and "Primavera" sauce 180/30/30 g

105 lei


beef mititei with cabbage salad with canned peas, honey mustard sauce 150/100/30 g

90 lei

Chicken wings

"Buffalo", potato chips 250/30 g

90 lei

Fried chicken wings

Fried chicken wings with sauce of choice 250/30 g

85 lei

Crispy chicken wings

with sauce of choice 250/30 g

80 lei